Beckett® Versa Gold Pump Accessories


SKU: 7209410

These accessories are for the Beckett® Versa Gold pumps.

Pump Pre-Filters
These optional pre-filters provide additional filtration before the water enters the pump, protecting it from clogging. Can be used with Versa Gold pumps (G210, G325, G535), FR Series pumps (FR400, FR600, FR800) and DP Series pumps (DP800, DP1200, DP1800).

Diverter Valve & Extension Tubing
This diverter/flow control valve allows you to direct the water flow to a secondary water feature. Valve accepts 5/8" ID tubing.

SKU Part # UPC Code Description
7209410 052309713778 Pump Pre-Filter
7301010 1440 052309705094 Diverter Valve

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