Droll Yankees® Omni Seed Tray

Droll Yankees


Due to supply chain delays, these items may be backordered several weeks

Adding a Droll Yankees® Omni Seed Tray to a bird feeder helps to get the most out of feeding wild birds. The 10.5" OMT tray saves spilled seed and appeals to large ground-feeding birds. Its UV-stabilized polycarbonate construction is dependably durable. The tray can be attached to a 1" diameter pole with Threaded Pole Adapter (not included).

  • 10.5″ platform feeder suits a variety of ground feeders, such as cardinals
  • Fits Droll Yankees' Classic, New Generation, Ring Pull and Bird Lovers feeders
  • Connects to feeder base with included threaded black plug
  • Can be pole-mounted if desired with Threaded Pole Adapter (not included)
Cleaning Instructions
To keep clean, soak in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water.

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