Replacement Powerstick for the Droll Yankees® Yankee Flipper

Droll Yankees


Due to supply chain delays, these items may be backordered several weeks

The replacement Powerstick for the Droll Yankees® Yankee Flipper has been updated! If the original Powerstick stops working or holding a charge, this part can get the feeder back into squirrel-flipping shape for countless hours of squirrel protection. 

The battery is now a Lithium-ion battery (used to be Nickel Cadmium). Several benefits:

  • New battery can be recharged anytime without creating a "memory effect"
  • Operates in a wider temperature range
  • Same price as original Powerstick

Note: This part does not fit models of the Yankee Flipper prior to 2003, which did not feature a black on/off switch and did not use the Powerstick. These older models can be upgraded to the current version by purchasing an adapter kit (YF03). A new model of Powerstick was implemented in 2008, so if you are replacing a pre-2008 Powerstick, you will also need a new AC/DC Adapter.

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