Brahms In-Grade Marker Integrated LED Luminaires by Illumicare


SKU: LL10498

Brahms Series integrated LED marker lights are ideal for low lighting applications, such as marking edges and pathways. With three different spread options, these versatile luminaires are perfect for horizontal surfaces such as driveways, patios, and pond edges or vertical surfaces such as borders, low walls, steps, lowered seating areas or fences.
  • Can be installed in concrete, stone, pavers, brick or wood
  • ABS pour sleeve can be positioned and wired before installing LED body
  • Flat 0.75" tempered glass lens
  • UL Listed 18/2 lead wire, 12" long
  • Minimum illumination of 1 meter
SKU Model Beam Angle Watts Lumens Color Temp Wt
LL10498 Brahms 1 Single 70° Output 2.4 6.4 3000K 1lb
LL10499 Brahms 2 Dual 70° Output
LL10500 Brahms 4 Quad 35° Output


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