Summit® Deer Ban™ Odorless Water-Activated Deer Repellent, 50 Count

Summit Chemical

SKU: 2001

Summit® Deer Ban™ uses a unique gel tablet to provides effective, year-round protection from wildlife damage without negative side effects! While other repellents contain rotten eggs, garlic or other unpleasant scents, Deer Ban™ contains predator urine that triggers animal flight response, yet is odorless to humans. This humane deer repellent utilizes deer's natural instinct to avoid predators rather than chemicals, making is safe for animals.
  • Gel capsules are water-activated, so active ingredients won't get on your hands!
  • Natural, bio-degradable, and safe for wildlife -- perfect for gardens and ornamental
  • Offers 90-day protection without washing away or being detectable to humans
  • To apply, drop capsules around coverage area or in planters and add water
UPC Code Size
2001 018506020019 50 Count

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