Little Giant® Halogen EggLites and EggLite Kits

Little Giant


Little Giant® halogen lighting offers great versatility for adding nighttime beauty to any water feature, ponds, fountains, and landscaping. They will handle the smallest requirements up to the largest fountains, and all come standard with four color lens which deliver a beautiful rainbow of colors.

Halogen EggLites
Small and compact, the EggLite is designed to disappear into the installation so the dramatic beauty of the light itself is enjoyed. The 10 Watt EggLite can be used wet or dry, while the 20 Watt EggLite must be used under water. Both are suitable for fresh or salt water. Each light comes with a magnetic base, 10' of cord and is 3" tall when fully assembled.

  • Suitable for freshwater, saltwater, or chlorinated water
  • Each light includes magnetic base, 10' cord, and 4 colored lenses
Item # Model Description Transformer
517404 LCE-20W 20W EggLite Kit 60 Watt 20
517406 LXE-20W 20W EggLite Sold separately

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