Bamboo Accents 18" Adjustable Spout & Pump Kit

Bamboo Accents

SKU: 10030

Bamboo Accents has perfected the art of making bamboo fountains during the past 20+ years. These fountains are thoroughly tested, durable and easy to install! These fountains exclusively use Tam Vong bamboo, a Vietnamese species of bamboo that combines strength and pliability to reduce splitting as compared to most bamboo.
  • Naturally insect-resistant and grown without fertilizer or pesticides
  • Hand-crafted from harvest to carving — a 5 month artisanal process!
  • Sourced ethically in partnership with Vietnamese farmers
The 18" Adjustable Spout & Pump Kit includes a wide upright pole with spout, two delicate bamboo branches, and pump . It can be raised and lowered to make different sounds — whether you want to drown out unwanted noise or contribute a gentle trickle. The spout fits over a container such as a ceramic basin or bowl (not included) to create a small standalone water feature.

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10030 673036100305 18" Adjustable Spout & Pump Kit

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