Bamboo Accents 20" Rocking Fountain & Pump Kit

Bamboo Accents

SKU: 11010

Bamboo Accents has perfected the art of making bamboo fountains during the past 20+ years. These fountains are thoroughly tested, durable and easy to install! These fountains exclusively use Tam Vong bamboo, a Vietnamese species of bamboo that combines strength and pliability to reduce splitting as compared to most bamboo.
  • Naturally insect-resistant and grown without fertilizer or pesticides
  • Hand-crafted from harvest to carving — a 5 month artisanal process!
  • Sourced ethically in partnership with Vietnamese farmers
The 20" Rocking Fountain Spout & Pump Kit is in the traditional shishi odoshi style ("Deer scarer"), which originated with farmers trying to keep deer and wild boar away from agriculture. A wide bamboo spout is balanced across a smaller base, which slowly fills with water until it the weight of the water tips it over to dump out the water. This produces a soft clacking noise that scares many animals away. Perfect for Japanese gardens or any peaceful outdoor scene!

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11010 673036110106 20" Rocking Fountain Spout & Pump Kit

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