Microbe-Lift® KH Carbonate Alkalinity Test Kit



Microbe-Lift® KH Test Kit tests for carbonate alkalinity levels in ponds and aquariums.
  • Works in Fresh & Salt Water
  • Includes Test Tube, Test Solution, and Conversion Chart
Why is KH Important?
KH levels are important for the natural biological ammonia removal process (nitrification). In order for ammonia removal to proceed properly, KH must be present. In fact, 7.1mg of KH is required for every 1mg of ammonia removed. A level of 100ppm KH should be maintained at all times. Should KH levels fall below the necessary level, nitrification will stop and pH levels will become difficult to control.

Nitrification depletes KH continuously, so monitoring KH levels and applying Microbe-Lift® KH Bio-Active Booster as necessary is extremely important. 

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