The Pond Digger Pond Salt

The Pond Digger


The Pond Digger Pond Salt helps maintain fish health (especially a healthy slime coat), which helps controls disease outbreak. 

Adds Electrolytes to Pond Water and Improves Gill Function
Pond fish, including goldfish and koi, require salt to maintain the proper electrolyte balance in their body fluids. Salt assists in the production of the slime coat that protects the fish's skin from parasites and pathogens. It also improves gill function of fish.

Reduces Fish Stress
Pond salt helps fish reduce the stress that makes them susceptible to disease and assisting disease control in pond fish.

Fast Dissolving
Pond salt dissolves quickly, getting the benefits of salt into the water quickly.

alt does not break down but remains dissolved in the pond. As such, salt should be added only to compensate for any amount of water lost or changed. If you are unsure of the dosage or of the volume of your pond, check the salinity first, as overdosing may cause harm to plants or fish.

Treatment Capacity Based on Dosage
Size New Pond (0.1%)
Suitable for All Plants
Preventative (0.3%)
Suitable for Hardy Plants
Difficult Cases (0.4% - 0.6%)
Treating Fish in Separate Container
10lb 1,000 gallons 333 gallons 167-250 gallons
50lb 5,000 gallons 1665 gallons 1165-1250 gallons

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