Airmax® 4 LED Fountain Light Sets for EcoSeries™ Fountains

Airmax Ecosystems

SKU: 652651

The Airmax® LED Light Sets offers unique nighttime displays for your pond. The energy efficient, high output 120 volt design uses less than 40 Watts of power. Fully sealed light housing ensures a maintenance-free operation. Lights easily clip onto the EcoSeries™ float, making for a fast installation with no tools required. All light sets are fully adjustable and include an underwater disconnect. LED Light Sets are available in many variations, all of which are protected by a 3 Year Warranty.

EcoSeries™ 4 LED Fountain Lighting Set
SKU (UPC Code) by Cord Length / Type
Standard PolyFlex Wrap Stainless Steel Wrap
None 652651 (813166021372) N/A N/A
100' 653230 653230-PP 653230-SP
150' 653231 653231-PP 653231-SP
200' 653232 653232-PP 653232-SP
250' 653233 653233-PP 653233-SP
300' 653234 653234-PP 653234-SP
350' 652725 652725-PP 652725-SP
400' 652726 652726-PP 652726-SP
450' 653152 653152-PP 653152-SP
500' 653153 653153-PP 653153-SP
550' 653154 653154-PP 653154-SP
600' 653155 653155-PP 653155-SP

Classic Spray Pattern

Trumpet Spray Pattern

Crown & Trumpet Spray Pattern

Single Arch Spray Pattern

Double Arch Spray Pattern

Double Arch & Geyser Spray Pattern

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