Airmax® LED Fountain Light Sets for AquaMaster Fountains

Airmax Ecosystems

SKU: 651534

The Airmax® LED Light Sets offers unique nighttime displays for your pond. The energy efficient, high output 120 volt design uses less than 40 Watts of power. Fully sealed light housing ensures a maintenance-free operation. All light sets are fully adjustable and include an underwater disconnect. These lights are designed for use with AquaMaster fountains, and includes a mounting kit that adapts these Airmax lights to be used on AquaMaster fountains. LED Light Sets are available in many variations, all of which are protected by a 3 Year Warranty.

  • Set of 4 or 8 LED lights with underwater quick disconnect
  • Mounting kit for specified AquaMaster float
Airmax® LED Fountain Light Sets for AquaMaster Fountains
Fits AquaMaster Fountains
with Small Float
Fits AquaMaster Fountains
with Large Float
4-Light Set
651534 (UPC 813166025073) 651536 (UPC 813166025097)
8-Light Set
651535 (UPC 813166025080) 651537 (UPC 813166025103)


Cord sold separately

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