Anjon Manufacturing Floating Aerator/Deicer

Anjon Manufacturing


Anjon Manufacturing’s floating aerator churns massive amounts of water to help improve the water quality and clarity of your pond or water feature. Increased dissolved oxygen levels improve fish health and keep water from becoming stagnant, which contributes to algae growth and mosquito breeding. During wintertime, aerators keep ponds from completely freezing over, allowing oxygen and gas exchange for healthy fish.
SKU Description Power Cord
AFAD3100 1/3 HP Floating Aerator/Deicer 100'
AFAD5100 1/2 HP Floating Aerator/Deicer 100'
AFAD8100 3/4 HP Floating Aerator/Deicer 100'
AFAD8200 3/4 HP Floating Aerator/Deicer 200'
AFAD10100 1 HP Floating Aerator/Deicer 100'
AFAD125200 1.2 HP Floating Aerator/Deicer 200'

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