AquascapePRO® Natural Pond Tint, Gallon


SKU: 30411

AquascapePRO® Natural Pond Tint helps keep pond water clean, clear and cool using a completely non-toxic dye with added humic and tanic acids derived from natural organic compounds found in nature. This tea-colored dye also helps reduce fish stress in spring, when the fish have no place to hide from the sun and predators.

  • 25% more concentrated than the consumer equivalent product
  • Included measuring cups and dosage guide makes application easy
  • Contains humic acid and enzymes to help balance the pond ecosystem
  • Creates a shimmering effect
  • Each cup treats 6,000 gallons (Container treats 96,000 gallons)
  • One dosage lasts up to 6 weeks
  • UPC Code: 827807304113

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