Aquascape Smart Control Receivers for Adjustable Flow Pumps


SKU: 45038

The Aquascape Smart Control Receiver is needed to operate Aquascape adjustable flow pond pumps. You can control the flowrate right from the LED control panel, but even better you can control flow adjustment, customized scheduling, and compatible voice controls right from your smartphone or tablet! It's easy: just connect to the pump, pair with your mobile device, and start operating the pump from wherever you want

  • Requires adequate wireless coverage to sync to phone
  • Weatherproof quick-connect fitting for easy and secure setup
  • Can be used with any Aquascape adjustable flow pumps
  • 3-year limited warranty
 SKU Description Compatible Pumps
Smart Control Receiver
SLD 2000-5000, SLD 4000-7000
Other Aquascape adjustable flow pumps
NOT Compatible with SLD 5000-9000
Smart Control Receiver Large
ONLY Compatible with SLD 5000-9000


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