SMALL Pond Kits with Atlantic Water Gardens Skimmer, Filter, Pump, Water Treatment & Tools

Atlantic Water Gardens


These Professional Pond Kits are perfect for the DIYer who doesn't know quite where to start! There's so much to think about in pond planning that it can get quite overwhelming, but with these pond kits, you'll get an affordable suite of pond products without having to choose every piece of equipment yourself. Includes all the pond supplies you will need to build a beautiful backyard pond -- it even comes with detailed instructions that walk you through installation!

The Small Professional Pond Kit includes:

  • Atlantic Water Gardens PS4600 Big Bahama Series Pond Skimmer
  • Atlantic Water Gardens BF1900 Big Bahama Series FilterFalls
  • TidalWave3 TT4000 Pump
  • 45 mil EPDM Pond Liner and pond liner underlay
  • 25' x 2" PVC Hose, Check Valve, All Necessary Plumbing Connections
  • Water Conditioner (Dechlorinator) and Beneficial Bacteria
  • 3 Cans of Black Waterfall Foam
  • Set of 3 LED Pond Lights
  • Written Instructions
SKU Kit Liner / Underlayment Size
AK11T 8' x 11' x 2' Kit 12' x 15'
AK12T 11' x 11' x 2' Kit 15' x 15'

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