Momotaro Koi Bacteria House Ceramic Media for Beneficial Bacteria



Out of Stock until 2023

Bacteria House is an amazing filter media for healthy Koi. Developed by Momotaro Koi Farm in Japan, this ceramic media helps grow beneficial bacteria that improves water quality and increases fish vigor. It can be used with other filter media or simply submerged into the pond. Use it under a waterfall or in a stream; in a filter, skimmer or waterfall box; or near air stones. 

  • Comes in 10lb increments, each including approximately 5 pieces of media
  • Each piece of media measures approximately 15" long and 3" diameter
  • Can be cut into smaller pieces to fit application
What makes Bacteria House special?
The ceramic media is heat treated to 1300 degrees Celsius for over 60 hours, breaking down the internal bonds to create an exceptionally porous structure with high surface area -- the perfect breeding ground for beneficial bacteria populations. Large organic solids and decaying matter can be degraded very quickly by these populations. The Bacteria House also has a high adhesion rate, creating clean water quickly and effectively. The media emits FAR infrared rays (a phenomenon often observed in natural springs), allowing oxygen to dissolve more easily into the pond water. By combining all these elements, Bacteria House replicates many of the ideal conditions of the Ashi River in Japan, as well as natural springs.

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