Pond Kit with Bermuda Pump and Filter


SKU: BER0103 / BER0614 / 02467 / KFH050C25 / HSS24x3 / 45MIL15x15 / GEO 15x15

This startup pond package includes a Bermuda Filter, Bermuda Filterforce Submersible Pump, Proline waterfall Starter Box, 25’ of 1" Kink Free Tubing, Clamps, Liner and Underlayment all at a great price.

Bermuda Pressure Filters combines mechanical and biological filtration with an integrated UV clarifier! This compact pressurized filter features an easy-clean handle for convenient backflushing without getting your hands dirty. Simply turn valve to "Clean" and crank the handle!

Bermuda Filter Force Pumps are the perfect fit for small ponds or waterfalls, able to handle dirty water and large solids! With powerful performance, durable design, and efficient energy use. Compatible and rated for use with the Bermuda filter.

ProLine™ Waterfall Boxes provide the start you need to create a waterfall filter, spillway on your water feature. These waterfall starters are perfect for filtration, with wide weirs for greater water aeration and large space for filter media. Made of high impact polypropylene and designed for use as mechanical filter and biological filter. Media and pads not included.

1" Black kink-free tubing is highly flexible and reinforced, won't crimp or collapse around curves or if buried under stones or dirt. Comes in a UV resistant, black color that makes it easy to hide and restricts sunlight, reducing algae growth inside the tubing.

Underlayment protects pond liners from sharp objects in the soil and stabilizes the ground under the liner to keep 45mil EPDM from "over-stretching."

45Mil Rubber Pond liners combine design flexibility, long-term durability, and easy installation!

This is a great all in one kit for a small backyard ornamental pond.

Complete Kit for a 770 Gallon, 6' x 6' x 2' Pond, includes 15 x 15 Liner, 18 Watt UV

Complete kit for a 770 Gallon, 6 x 6 x 2 Pond, Includes 15 x 15 liner, 9 watt UV filter (no hand crank)

Complete kit for a 1100 Gallon, 8' x 8' x 2.5' Pond, Includes 20 x 20 Liner, 24 Watt UV

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