Easy Décor Kits for biOrb® 30, FLOW 30, HALO 30 and LIFE 30


SKU: 48444

The biOrb® 30L Easy Décor Kit contains an assortment of aquarium decorations to bring your 8 gallon biOrb® to life! Unique and vibrant designs and colors, paired with quality materials, make these biOrb® décor kits unique. All décor is made from high grade materials for safety and durability, and are safe for freshwater, tropical and saltwater aquariums. Enjoy significant savings when selecting the kit in comparison to buying items separately!

SKU UPC Code Decor Set Includes
48444 706759484442 Pink Ocean Pink Reef Sculpture
Medium Purple Kelp 2pc Set
Purple Color Ball
White Sea Lily
White Starfish 3pc Set
Pink Sea Star 3pc Set
48445 706759484459 Stone Garden Medium Grey Slate Stack sculpture
Small Green Feather Fern 4pc Set
Aquatic Topiary 3pc Set
Moss Pebble 5pc Set
White Seashell 3pc Set
55027 706759550277 Autumn Autumn Maple Tree 
Orange Moss Pebble 5pc Set
Flame Sea Lily
Pagoda Lantern
55028 706759550284 Winter Holly Tree Set
Green Moss Pebble 5pc Set
White Sea Urchin 3pc Set
White Sea Lily
Holly Ball
Mistletoe Ball
55029 706759550291 Summer Green Maple Tree
Green Moss Pebble 5pc Set
Floral Topiary Ball
Pink Topiary Ball
Natural Seashells 3pc Set
706759781329 Winter Dream
Medium White Fan Coral Sculpture
Bonsai Ball
Small White Sea Fan
Medium White Sea Fan
White Sea Lily
Starfish 3pc Set
White Marble Pebble 5pc Set
706759781343 Fairytales
Shells on Bark Sculpture
Green Moss Pebble 5pc Set
Green Flower Ball
Aquatic Caulerpa
Small White Sea Fan
White Marble Pebble 5pc Set

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