biOrb® Regular Aquarium Maintenance Kit


SKU: 48441

The filter cartridge in your biOrb® should be changed every 4-8 weeks, depending on fish load and size of aquarium. The biOrb® Maintenance Kit provides a full maintenance solution for your aquarium -- enough for 8-16 weeks! Enjoy 40% savings as compared to buying all components separately.


  • (3) Filter Cartridges with filter, sponge, charcoal and water stabilizers
  • (6) acrylic-safe Cleaning Pads for removing dust and grime
  • (3) each of Water Conditioner and Biological Booster 5ml packets
  • (1) replacement Airstone to keep aeration in peak performance
  • (1) High Gloss Polish with Cloth to produce a brilliant shine on your biOrb®
  • (1) Water Optimiser to remove water impurities
Suitable for all sizes of biOrb® aquariums.

Part Number 48441
UPC Code 822728484418
Description biOrb® Maintenance Kit

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