biOrb® Pebble Sculpture Aquarium Ornaments


SKU: 46110

These pebble aquatic ornaments were designed exclusively for biOrb® by aquascaping artist Samuel Baker. There is an ornament to suit every home in the Samuel Baker Collection! These ornaments simply slide over the bubble tube in the biOrb, easy to fit and remove.

  • Made from durable high grade resin that won't fade
  • Pairs great with autumn or winter ferns or pink and purple kelp
Part Number 46110 46111 46112 46113 46114 46115
Size Small Medium Large
Color White Black White Black White Black
Height 5" 7.5" 10.5"
baby biOrb® biOrb® 30 biOrb® 60
*These sculptures can also fit the biOrb® LIFE models, but will not entirely cover the bubble tube.

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