biOrb® Aquatic Sea Fan Aquarium Decorations


SKU: 46091

Inspired by the delicate sea fans of Indonesia, this ornament can create natural security for your fish while allowing them to be viewed among the stems! Perfect as a standalone accent piece or paired with a Sea Lily. 

Part Number 46091 46092 46093 46094
UPC Code 822728460917 822728460924 822728460931 822728460948
Size/Color Small Blue Small Pink Small Black Small Orange
Plant Height 20cm (7.9")
Compatible biOrb All Models

Part Number 46095 46096 46097 46098
UPC Code 822728460955 822728460962 822728460979 822728460986
Size/Color Medium Blue Medium Pink Medium Black Medium Orange
Plant Height 29cm (11.4")
Compatible biOrb All Models 30 Liters (8 Gallons) or Larger

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