biOrb® Standard Aquarium Service Kit


SKU: 46014

Most aquariums have filters with multiple compartments that use different types of media that must be replaced at different intervals, making for a confusing maintenance schedule. The biOrb® Service Kit provides everything you need for one-stop aquarium maintenance. It's that easy! It is recommended to replace the filter cartridge and 1/3 of the water in your biOrb® aquarium every 4-8 weeks, depending on fish stocking level.

The biOrb® Service Kit provides all the necessities for this routine maintenance on biOrb® aquariums! The kit includes spare mechanical and biological filter cartridges, a cleaning cloth with rough and soft sides for easy cleaning of acrylic surface, and 5ml water conditioner and biological booster for partial water changes.
  • Supports fast and easy cleaning with everything you need for maintenance
  • Water treatments are all-natural and non-toxic!
  • Suitable for all biOrb® aquariums
Part Number 46014
UPC Code 822728460146
Description Standard Service Kit

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