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Keeping pH level in a neutral range is essential for the health of aquatic life, plants, and the pond ecosystem. An unbalanced pH level suppresses the proper amount of nutrients aquatic plants need to thrive and is a major cause of fish stress and disease. GreenClean pH UP and GreenClean pH DOWN slowly raise or lower the pH of pond water, making it more alkaline or acidic.

  • Can be used daily to keep water balanced
  • Encourages healthier aquatic life and plant growth -- but won't encourage algae growth!
  • Safe for fish and delicate aquatic plants
Apply when pH level is outside recommended neutral range, whether in koi ponds, ornamental ponds or water gardens. Use 2 Tbsp per 500 gallons (If pH is below 6.8, apply double the normal dosage of pH UP). Check pH level 24 hours after application to ensure that pH levels are within normal range.

Adjust pH levels no more than 0.2 points within a 24-hour period. Routine, early morning water testing is recommended.

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6400-1 188716000443 pH UP 16oz
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