Droll Yankees® Bird Lovers Finch Feeders

Droll Yankees


Droll Yankees® Bird Lovers Finch Feeders are perfect for finches, redpolls, chickadees, juncos, white throated sparrows and other birds that love Nyjer seed. These attractive bird feeders add vibrancy to your yard while providing a place for numerous birds to feed.

  • Durable UV stabilized polycarbonate construction with stainless steel bail wire
  • Attractive coloration in aqua blue or red
  • Angled seed baffle prevents Nyjer seed from clumping and spoiling
  • 10 drainage holes allow water to drain and air to circulate for fresher seed
  • Hang or pole-mount using stainless steel wire or threaded base
  • Threaded base also accepts seed trays and other accessories
SKU UPC Code Product Description Perches Seed
BL8F 021964905101 8" Bird Lovers Feeder, Aqua Blue 4 1/2lb
BL8RF 021964905139 8" Bird Lovers Feeder, Red 4 1/2lb
BL15F 021964905118 15" Bird Lovers Feeder, Aqua Blue 6 1lb
BL15RF 021964905153 15" Bird Lovers Feeder, Red 6 1lb

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