Droll Yankees® Ultimate Yard System

Droll Yankees


The Droll Yankees® Ultimate Yard System contains everything needed to hang bird feeders, flowers or a small birdhouse in your yard or garden. Easy to assembly, even for those with arthritis.

  • Rust resistant galvanized powder coated steel construction
  • Hanger hook mount can be rotated, raised and lowered for customization
  • Vaseline should be applied during assembly to prevent sticking
  • Threaded pole adapter allows addition feeder to be mounted at top
Assembly Instructions
  1. Attach three 16" legs to the "no-tilt" ground auger for stability
  2. Screw the auger into the ground with a simple turning motion
  3. Insert a 1" diameter pole into the auger, and insert another into that
  4. Add mounting ring to the top pole, and insert three hanger hooks into ring
  5. Connect top pole and bird feeder to complete assembly

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