Air-O-Lator Carnival Propeller Pump Floating Fountains



Air-O-Lator floating fountains are high quality fountains that combine aeration and decorative looks. Their water cooled motors are virtually maintenance free and provide years of operation with eco-friendly, high-performance technology that conserves water and improves quality! All Air-O-Lator fountains include a float, power driver assembly, electrical service cable assembly, 24-hour timer, GFI control box, propeller guard and power cord.

Propeller Pump Fountains utilize a foul-resistant, impeller-driven pump and pressure-building chamber that enables maximum spray height in ponds and lakes. As the aerated water returns to the pond surface, it creates turbulence that further increases dissolved oxygen levels.

  • Franklin Electric 230v submersible motor with silicon carbide seals
  • One-piece square flotation for stability and minimal oscillation
  • ETL Listed control panel with 24-hour timer and GFI
  • Watertight, removable 100' power cord
SKU Fountain
Amps Spray
Flowrate Oxygen
Transfer Rate
AFP10 1hp "Ready" 9.8 8'H x 25'W 1000gpm 2.8lb O2 / hr 2 years
AFP20 2hp "Platinum" 13.0 8'H x 25'W 1200gpm 3.2lb O2 / hr 3 years
AFP30 3hp "Platinum" 17.0 9'H x 30'W 1400gpm 4.2lb O2 / hr 3 years
AFP50 5hp "Platinum" 27.5 11'H x 35'W 1400gpm 5.9lb O2 / hr 3 years

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