Air-O-Lator Centrifugal Pump Fountains


SKU: AFC10 (Diana)

Air-O-Lator floating fountains are high quality fountains that combine aeration and decorative looks. Their water cooled motors are virtually maintenance free and provide years of operation with eco-friendly, high-performance technology that conserves water and improves quality! All Air-O-Lator fountains include a float, power driver assembly, electrical service cable assembly, 24-hour timer, GFI control box, propeller guard and power cord.

Centrifugal Pump Fountains utilize a submersible motor and a unique center discharge design keeps the weight of the fountain in the center of the float for increased stability. 

  • Franklin Electric submersible motor with silicon carbide seals
  • One-piece square flotation for stability and minimal oscillation
  • Includes one nozzle, but all nozzles are interchangeable
  • ETL Listed control panel with 24-hour timer and GFI
  • Watertight, removable 100' power cord
Part # Description Volts Amps Operating Depth Warranty
AFC10 "Ready" 1hp Fountain 230 9.8 24" minimum 2 years
AFC20 "Platinum" 2hp Fountain 230 13.0 34" minimum 3 years
AFC30 "Platinum" 3hp Fountain 230 17.0 36" minimum 3 years
AFC50 "Platinum" 5hp Fountain 230 27.5 48" minimum 3 years

Flow Rate Required for 20' x 20' Spray Pattern
Part # Diana Northstar Solace Nova Galaxy
AFC10 80gpm 108gpm 108gpm 108gpm 95gpm
AFC20 116gpm 120gpm 120gpm 116gpm 116gpm
AFC30 120gpm 127gpm 127gpm 130gpm 120gpm
AFC50 140gpm 156gpm 156gpm 156gpm 136gpm

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