EasyPro Cone Bottom Tanks and Tank Stands


SKU: CB6028

Cone bottom tanks are excellent for filtration tanks as well as aquaculture production. Cone bottom tanks provide the best self-cleaning action, since a 20° cone bottom forces solids to the bottom center of the tank allowing for continuous cleaning action.
  • Cone-shaped tank requires a stand
  • Perfect for filtration and aquaculture production
Model Diameter Tank Depth
(Not Including Cone)
Overall Depth
(Including Cone)
Tank Capacity
CB6028 60" 28" 38" 250 Gallons
CB7530 75" 30" 43" 450 Gallons
CB8530 85" 30" 44" 650 Gallons
CB9636 96" 36" 53" 950 Gallons
CB10260 102" 60" 70" 1500 Gallons

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