EasyPro 6" Multi-Vent Underliner System



The Multi-Vent Underliner System is a patented, innovative and cost effective system designed to protect pond and lagoon liners from damage caused by methane gas and water accumulation.

Multi-Vent is a series of perforated tubes that install under the liner. The tubes are wrapped in a non-woven geotextile to prevent plugging. By simply laying a strip of Multi-Vent on the ground before installing the liner you can prevent costly future problems. This easy to install system is effective, low cost and best of all does not require cutting the liner!

It takes a great deal of pressure for the water or air to lift the liner. With Multi-Vent, neither water nor air can build up pressure under the liner. Instead it will vent through tubes to the outside of the pond, eliminating any chance of the liner floating. Because of its low cost, Multi-Vent is cheap insurance under any liner job!

Multi-Vent tubing is available by special order only, in 150' rolls (minimum purchase of 2 rolls). Please contact us to purchase.

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