FloodFree 2 Pump Controller and Alarm


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The FloodFree 2 is a premium pump controller and alarm that uses patented electronic surface transfer (EST) technology to detect the presence of water. With both a high water turn-on switch and a low water shut-off switch, the FloodFree 2 is the all-in-one solution for safe, effective flood pump operation.
  • Z-Snap technology closes the relay at 0V and opens the relay at 0A for smooth pump start-up and extended pump and relay contact life
  • 1 year limited warranty

How does it work?
The EST sensor ignores resistive residues like rust, salts, and soap suds, waiting for true water level to activate the high water and low water switches. When water contacts the high rod, the controller closes a relay in less than a second using Z-Snap patented technology, which turns on the pump. When the water level drops below the low rod, the controller opens the relay, which time the pump turns off. If water stays in contact with the high rod for more than 15 seconds, the 85db alarm sounds.

Pairing the FloodFree 2 with a high quality ShinMaywa solids handling pump will give you a level of reliability, service and durability simply not attainable with typical box store sump pumps!

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