Hai Feng Quick Grow Wheat Germ Koi Food

Hai Feng


Hai Feng Quick Grow is a wheat germ Koi food that provides balanced nutrition with vitamins B and C, as well as digestive enzymes that help fish stay healthy during cold weather.
  • Floating pellet does not cloud water
  • Boosts immune system and aids digestion
Guaranteed Analysis:
  • Protein: 32% minimum
  • Fat: 3% minimum
  • Fiber: 4% maximum
  • Moisture: 15% maximum
  • Ash: 9% maximum
Pellet Size Size
Medium 3.0-3.6mm (0.12-0.14")
Medium/Large 4.8-5.5mm (0.19-0.22")
Large 7.5-8.0mm (0.29-0.32")

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