The Koi Keepers Volume 4 DVD from New Vision Productions

New Vision Productions


Following the phenomenal success of ten volumes of "The Living Jewels" comes a brand new series from the world leaders in professional Koi programs. New Vision are proud to present "The Koi Keepers", an in-depth look at 7 fanatical hobbyists and their own pond systems. The program discusses many aspects of the hobby and features on-screen interviews with the keepers themselves.

This volume features some of the most famous names on the UK Koi keeping circuit, people whose dedication and service to the hobby dates back many years. Many award-winning Koi are bowled and shown, allowing the viewer a close up view of some truly high class Nishikigoi.

Producer: New Vision Videos, Run-time: 60 minutes

These DVDs are in very limited supply, and will not be available after current inventory has sold out.

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