The Koi Keepers Volume 5 DVD from New Vision Productions

New Vision Productions


Following the phenomenal success of ten volumes of "The Living Jewels" comes a brand new series from the world leaders in professional Koi programs. New Vision are proud to present "The Koi Keepers", an in-depth look at 7 fanatical hobbyists and their own pond systems. The program discusses many aspects of the hobby and features on-screen interviews with the keepers themselves.

The fifth in the world-renowned series, this program visits not only some spectacular Koi ponds, but also some highly knowledgeable and experienced Koi keepers, people who can offer a great deal of advice to hobbyists at all levels.

Producer: New Vision Videos, Running time: Approx 70 mins

These DVDs are in very limited supply, and will not be available after current inventory has sold out.

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