Kusuri Fluke M Flubendazole Treatment, 65 Gram Packet


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Kusuri Fluke-M is a medication to treat gill and body flukes in coldwater ornamental fish. It is suitable for use in any water temperature, and is useful not only for eradicating gill and body flukes, but also for treating intestinal helminths.
  • For best protection against parasites, combined with Microbe-Lift BSDT (which is Proform-C, a mixture of Formalin and Malachite Green)
  • To assist disease healing and prevention, a salt concentration of 0.5% is recommended as well
Each packet of Fluke-M treats 5500 gallons of water (each teaspoon treats 333 gallons). Fluke-M should be applied at least twice over a 2-week period. See below for a treatment schedule using both Fluke-M and the recommended Microbe-Lift BSDT.

Shake contents well before use. Measure out the correct dosage and dissolve into the correct dosage of Microbe-Lift BSDT (or, if not desired, water). Add mixture slowly to the return of the pond over a one-hour period.
  • Day 1: Treat with both Fluke-M and BSDT
  • Day 4: Treat with BSDT only
  • Day 7: Treat with both Fluke-M and BSDT
  • Day 11: Treat with BSDT only
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