Imported Japanese Koi Fish: Tosai (1 Year Old), 4-7 Inches Long

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These Japanese Koi are hand-picked and imported from Japan, where Koi have been cultivated for nearly two hundred years. The word Koi refers to the species of carp bred for its beauty, and because it sounds similar to the Japanese word for "affection" or "love", Koi are symbols of love and friendship in Japan. The word Nishikigoi encompasses beautiful, ornamental carp worthy of appreciation (and is specifically designated for show-grade Koi). These "living jewels" are renowned for their beautiful color and scale patterns, the result of generations of expert breeding.

These fish are Tosai (one-year-old Koi) from Yamasaki Koi Farm in Japan, where they have been cultivating quality Koi since 1973. These Koi range from 4-7 inches long. We offer these Koi in cooperation with an established US Koi importer. After import, they quarantine each Koi for a minimum of 4 weeks to check that they are healthy and parasite-free, in order to provide you with healthy Koi that will enliven your pond for many years.

These fish are also offered in a retail location and are subject to availability.

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