Matala Rotary Vane Compressors with Cabinet, Air Manifold, Pressure Gauge and Relief Valve



These Matala Rotary Vane Compressors include air filter, pressure gauge, relief valve and air manifold -- all built into a locking, heavy duty cabinet. The locking cabinet is landscape green and is designed for extreme outdoor weather conditions. The cabinet stands on a solid support base to maintain level installation, a cooling fan adds cross-flow ventilation, and a built-in GFI outlet prevents electrical shorts or surges.

Air Compressor
These long-lasting, continuous duty compressors that offer greater depth capabilities than typical diaphragm pumps but less depth capabilities than rocking piston compressors. Though more expensive than comparable rocking piston compressors, rotary vane compressors produce considerably less noise than comparable rocking piston compressors, making these medium-pressure, oil-free compressors excellent for pond and lake aeration, deicing applications or waste treatment.
  • Vanes are easily replaced when worn out
  • Recommended max pressure of 10psi (Operating depth of 20')
  • Includes 6' power cord
  • 1 year warranty
Manifold with Pressure Gauge
The heavy-duty air manifolds include an oil-filled pressure gauge to reduce indicator vibration, giving a more accurate reading. Attached to the air manifold is a pressure relief valve that opens when the pressure becomes too great, preventing damage to the compressor. The gang valves on the manifold are high-quality brass with 3/8" barb connectors. A short section of heat-resistant hose is included to reduce heat to the air hose connection.

Only use in water less than 20' in depth. Use the included manifold and hoses. Do not bypass the pressure relief valves, which prevent compressor burnout.

MRV-30C1 MRV-60C1
Powder coated painted cabinet
cooling fan, GFI electrical box outlet, cabinet base
Compressor MRV-30C MRV-60C
Pond Size
1/4-2 acres
5 - 20 ft deep
1/2-2 acres
8-20 ft deep
(with base)
20.2" x 20.2" x 18.6"
(with base)
50.9lb 60.4lb
(without base)
19.5" x 15.1" x 14.2"
(without base)
48.1lb 57.5lb

Operating Pressure MRV-30C MRV-60C
Flowrate Amps Flowrate Amps
0psi (0' depth) 82 Lpm
2.90 cfm
2.11A 159 Lpm
5.61 cfm
5psi (11.5' depth) 71 Lpm
2.51 cfm
2.31A 149 Lpm
5.26 cfm
10psi (23.1' depth) 63 Lpm
2.22 cfm
2.56A 139 Lpm
4.91 cfm

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