Oase ScaperLine Soils

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The ideal foundation for the art of aquascaping

  • AQUASCAPE SUBSTRATE: OASE ScaperLine Soil is an active substrate for planted aquariums. Using this soil as a base in your aquascape will facilitate the best possible plant growth.

  • ACTIVE SOIL: The active soil makes the water softer and creates a slightly acidic pH range that is favorable for many aquarium plants. The values may vary depending on the fish species being kept.

  • NUTRIENT STORAGE: Active soil can both absorb and release nutrients from the water – the buffer effect is ideal for good plant growth.

  • NATURAL-LOOKING GRAIN SIZE: The 2-4 mm grain size of our ScaperLine soil is ideal for all aquascapes and provides good support for the plant roots.

  • COLOR: The color of the soil creates a natural ambiance on the aquarium floor.

  • READY TO USE: You do not need to wash the active soil before using it in your aquascape. Simply pour the soil into the aquarium dry and adjust as needed. The soil will not make the water cloudy.

  • Available in 3-liter and 9-liter bags.

Specs ScaperLine Soil
3 Brown
ScaperLine Soil
9 Brown
ScaperLine Soil
3 Black
ScaperLine Soil
9 Black
Grain Size 2-4 mm
Bag Size 3L (0.8 gal) 9L (2.4 gal) 3L (0.8 gal) 9L (2.4 gal)

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