PerformancePro Miscellaneous Fittings, Tailpieces, Elbows, Motor Bearings, and Motor Bases


SKU: MPF-112

The following Performance Pro fittings, swing check valves, and motor bearings are available.

SKU Description
MPF-112 2" THD x NPT Tailpiece
MPF-210 2" S Union x 2" Tailpiece
MPF-211 1.5" Tailpiece Assembly
MPF-212 2" Fitting Assembly
MPF-215 2" S Union x 1.5" Tailpiece
MPF-2-200 2" Quick Connect Fitting for Artesian2 Pumps
MPF-3-200 2" Quick Connect Fitting for ArtesianPRO Pumps
MPF-3-300 3" Quick Connect Fitting for ArtesianPRO Pumps
MPSE-2020 2" Sweep Elbow
6203 AO
AO Smith Motor Bearing, Small
6304 AO
AO Smith Motor Bearing, Large
6204 DAF
DAF Motor Bearing, Large
Baldor Motor Bearing, Large Industrial
Plastic Motor Base 48 Frame
Plastic Motor Base 56 Frame

Baldor and AO Smith motors use two #6203 bearings.
Older AO Smith 1.5, 2, & 3HP motors use one #6203 and one #6204 bearing.
Only large, industrial Baldor motors use #6205 bearings.

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