Practical Garden Ponds Choice: Dry Beneficial Bacteria (All-Season, Cold Weather or Super Strength)

Practical Garden Ponds

SKU: 2964

This is the beneficial bacteria that Practical Garden Ponds uses for our own pond, as well as for our local pond customers. These All-Season Beneficial Bacteria blends contain probiotic microbes, enzymes and electrolytes that work together to reduce sludge, uneaten fish food, fish waste and other excess nutrients that cause poor water quality. This non-pathogenic dissoluble blend is the most concentrated probiotic in its class! Use in existing ponds or for new ponds or spring start-up.

For Different Applications
If you need something even more concentrated, consider our choice of Super Strength Beneficial Bacteria, perfect for extreme pond problems. Perfect for the pond where the normal dose of bacteria is not enough. This is first aid for a cloudy or dirty pond. If the temperature is below 55°F, we recommend using Cold Temperature Beneficial Bacteria, which is good for water as cold as 40°F.

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