Practical Garden Ponds Choice: Pump & Filter Combo Kit for Small or Preformed Ponds

Practical Garden Ponds

SKU: FP-1750 - EZ-2000 - 0.5 of KFHAA114C25 - (2) HSS20

These pumps and filter combinations are specifically designed for use in ponds without skimmers. The pump can sit right in the bottom of the pond and handle up to 3/8” solids, removing them from the pond and greatly improving overall water quality while reducing maintenance. These are Practical Garden Ponds' preferred packages for portable or temporary ponds, preformed ponds, and small ponds on a tight budget. Just put the pump at one end of the pond and run tubing for the output from the pump to the external canister filter (which can be recessed into the ground) and back into the opposite end of the pond. It's that easy to have clean, clear pond water!

  • Caged submersible filter pump
  • External canister filter with integrated UV clarifier
  • Tubing and stainless steel clamps

Kit Pond Size Max Flow Rate UV Size Tubing
Simple1720 Up to 800 gallons 1750gph 18 Watts 12' x 1.25"
Simple2320 200-1000 gallons 2300gph 18 Watts 12' x 1.25"
Simple3230 300-1500 gallons 3200gph 18 Watts 25' x 1.25"
Simple3240 300-2000 gallons 3200gph 36 Watts 25' x 1.25"

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