ProEco BF Series Bio-Flow Gravity Filters

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SKU: BF-5000

The ProEco BF Series gravity flow filters are ideal for large ponds and water gardens. The Bio Flow gravity flow filters deliver crystal clear water with very low maintenance. A high volume of oxygen is introduced as the water enters the filter, which maximizes the biological filtration process. The foam filter pads create a healthy environment, which supports the beneficial bacteria that complete the biological filtration process and mechanically remove particulate.
  • Biological and mechanical filtration for clean, biologically enriched water
  • Can be paired with UV unit for water clarity
SKU BF-5000 BF-10000
UPC Code 180397000231 180397000248
Max Flowrate 2300gph 3200gph
Inlet 0.75" - 1.5"
Outlet 3"
Pond Size (No Fish) 5,000 gallons 10,000 gallons
Pond Size (With Fish) 2,500 gallons 5,000 gallons
UV Unit (Not Included) CUV-18 / CUV-36 CUV-36
Dimensions 22" x 16" x 16" 34" x 21" x 16"
Warranty 3 Years
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