ProEco High Pressure Misting Systems

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SKU: MP-050

High pressure misting systems produce the best cooling results and can be customized for nearly all locations. These systems can lower the temperature by up to 30°F / 15°C.

All misting pumps include:
  • High pressure pump and motor with programmable controller
  • Anti-vibration base
  • Adjustable liquid-filled pressure regulator
  • In-line water filter
  • Brass inlet solenoid control valve
  • Water supply connection hose
  • Misting line adapter fitting
Additionally, the MP-200 misting pump includes a touch key system with a mobile app for smartphone control.
MP-185 MP-200
Flow Rate 0.5gpm 1.85gpm 0.5gpm
Horsepower 3/4 HP
2 HP 3/4 HP
Rated Amps 4.7 16.0
Effective Spray Area 7060 cu. ft. 21200 cu. ft. 1700 cu. ft.
Recommended Pressure 870psi 870psi 850psi
Max Pressure 1160psi 1160psi 1000psi
Power Cord 6' / 15A Plug 6' / 20A Plug 3' / 15A Plug
Dimensions 22" x 10" x 12" 27" x 14" x 13" 16" x 9" x 10"
Weight 53lb 73lb 26lb
Warranty 2 Years

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