ProEco 24V Programmable White LED Pond and Fountain Light Kits

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These 24V systems are special order only. The needs of your system will vary depending on total light wattage, wire gauge and length, and other factors. Contact us with your desired system specifications and we can help you put together a system for your desired application.

Imagine a pond where you have more control over your pond lighting. Ditch static LED lights and embrace  the versatility of these customizable systems of fully dimmable LED lights! With the full line of ProEco programmable lighting and accessories, it's easy to assemble a pond lighting package exactly suited to your needs. Choose the lights, power supply, controller and accessories that you need to give your pond spectacular lighting. With so many options, the sky's the limit!

Step 1: Choosing Your Lights
ProEco Pond and Fountain Lights are a wonderfully versatile tool for providing underwater illumination. ProEco Landscape Lights can bring a splash of color to your lawn and garden. With waterproof Stainless Steel housing and tempered glass and 50,000 hour LEDs, you can expect these lights to last for years before needing replacement. They can be used with LED dimmer controllers. Includes an adjustable base and choice of power cable. Protected by 2 Year Warranty.

Step 2: Choosing Your Power Supply
The most important consideration in choosing a power supply is selecting something that can handle the total amount of lights. The wattage of the power supply must be equal or greater than the combined wattage of all lights plugged into the power supply. These power supplies convert 120V power from your outlet to 24V power usable by these lights. Each transformer is IP-67 rated, making it dustproof and waterproof in depths less than 3 feet. UL Listed and protected by a 1 year warranty.

Step 3: Choosing Your Controller
  • None: These warm white LEDs can be used without a controller. They will simply be at full light, and will not be dimmable without controllers. Even without controller, these lights provide high quality, durable pond lighting.
  • LED Dimmer: These controllers can be used with 6W or 12W lights, and allow you to add subtlety and finesse to the warm white lighting. Up to 60' remote range. 

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