Renew All-Natural Muck Tablets for Removing the Muck Layer

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It can go by the name muck, sludge, goop, or organic build up. It happens in most ponds over time! In a small backyard fish pond, it may be fish waste or decayed leaves; on an aging farm pond, it may be years of aquatic plant decomposition building up on the pond floor. No matter where it comes from, muck isn't just uncomfortable — it's harmful for your pond. Muck can be a source of odors, a decaying contributor to ammonia levels, and a food source for parasites.

Renew MuckStop All-Natural Muck Tablets were made specifically to deal with muck. The delayed-release tablets unleash 6 strains of beneficial bacteria that reduce the sludge that pesters your pond.

In addition to larger lakes or ponds, you can use Renew Muck Tablets for ornamental ponds. It works tremendously well when teamed up with an aeration pump. It doesn't just float in the water but goes straight to the bottom of the pond, where it is of the most benefit!

  • Reduces the muck layer on your pond bottom
  • Delays the need for expensive pond dredging
  • Creates a healthier ecosystem for your fish 
  • Contains 6 types of beneficial bacteria!
  • Works great for stocking ponds, swim ponds, recreational lakes, farm ponds, and more!
  • Manufactured right here in the USA!

Usage Instructions: Apply every 2 weeks using dosage given below. To give an example of ornamental pond treatment, a small pond of 2000 gallons would take 2oz (20 pellets) every two weeks. To give an example of lake treatment, a 1/4 acre lake would take 1.5lb at its first treatment and 3/4lb every two weeks after that.

For Ornamental Ponds Regular Maintenance
Ponds up to 10,000 Gallons 10 tablets (1oz) per 1000 gallons
Ponds over 10,000 Gallons 5 tablets (1/2oz) per 1000 gallons

For Lakes and Ponds Initial Treatment Continuing Maintenance
Up to 1/2 Acre 6lb per acre 3lb per acre
Over 1/2 Acre 5lb per acre 2.5lb per acre

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