Scott Aerator Bubble Pro Sub-Surface Aerator

Scott Aerator


Sub-surface aeration is an incredible addition to any pond or lake, increasing water quality and dissolved oxygen levels that are enormously important for aquatic life. Each Sub-Surface Aerator from Scott Aerator consists of diffuser modules that sit on the pond floor, connected by weighted tubing to an air compressor on the shore. The compressor pumps air to the pond bottom, ensuring adequate oxygenation during the hot summer months when ponds need it most and acting as a deicer during the freezing winter months. The diffusers create thousands of small air bubbles that stir up the water to the pond surface where it is oxygenated.

The Bubble Pro Sub-Surface Aerator consists of two diffuser modules, 200' of 3/8" QuickSink weighted tubing, and a 1/4hp rocking piston compressor, and an air output valve assembly with pressure relief valve. All necessary fittings and clamps are provided.
  • 5 year warranty on tubing and diffusers
  • 2 year warranty on rocking piston compressor
Coverage Area at Given Water Depth
1/3 Acre
5' to 8' Deep
2/3 Acre
9' to 12' Deep
1 Acre
13' to 16' Deep


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