Seneye+ Slides and Slide Soaker


SKU: SEN000259

Seneye+ includes disposable slides as well as access to email and text alerts, automatic online graphing, and personalized advice. Activating Seneye+ is extremely easy: just scan the included QR code with a mobile device! Be sure to soak the slide in aquarium or pond water for 24 hours to allow it to stabilize so that measurements are accurate at the very first reading.
  • Disposable slides remove need for recalibration and improve accuracy
  • Email and SMS alerts give you quick notifications if things go wrong
  • Data graphing lets you see trends before they lead to problems
The Slide Soaker makes the task of soaking slides easier than ever. You don't have to scoop out any pond or aquarium water, nor do you have to get a container dirty. Simply place the Seneye+ slide into the Slide Soaker and float in the pond or attach to the aquarium wall.

SKU UPC Code Description
SEN00259 886455001041 Seneye+ 3 Months Supply
SEN000221 886455000754 Slide Soaker

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