Seneye USB Power Adapters and Extension Cords


SKU: SEN000046

The Seneye USB Power Adapter allows you to power the Seneye Home, Seneye Pond or Seneye Reef without connecting to a computer! Readings are stored every hour and warning lights will still work on the module itself, though readings will not be uploaded to the cloud for viewing on PC or mobile device. These readings will be uploaded the next time you connect to your PC.

The 2.5m Seneye USB Extension Cord increases the range from which your module can be connected to the USB Power Adapter, WiFi Module, or your PC. This Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Extension Cable is suitable for indoor use only.

SKU UPC Code Description
SEN000046 886455000112 USB Power Adapter, Type G Plug
SEN000066 886455000167 2.5m USB Extension Cord

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