Microbe-Lift® Aqua Xtreme Water Conditioner



Microbe-Lift® Aqua Xtreme is a full-function, convenient, single-phase water conditioner that has been scientifically formulated for use in Koi and goldfish ponds. Aqua Xtreme should be used when conditioning new water for ponds; when adding water, fish or plants to a pond; and when transporting Koi and goldfish. It is very important when adding water to a pond that contains chloramines. Conventional dechlorinators will detoxify the chlorine but will do nothing about the ammonia released by chloramines, while Aqua Xtreme will detoxify both the chlorine and the ammonia in chloramines.
  • Detoxifies nitrites and removes/detoxifies chlorine and ammonia
  • Detoxifies copper and heavy metals
  • Boosts alkalinity and adds essential electrolytes and buffers
  • Adds a 3-part slime coat replacer to help reduce stress
  • Nontoxic to humans, pets and aquatic life
  • Instantly ages pond water
  • Perform regular water changes to keep alkalinity (acid-neutralizing capacity) and pH stable
  • Do not use Aqua Xtreme with a permanganate-based or chlorite-based treatment
  • Use Aqua Xtreme as needed to eliminate and control ammonia
  • Use a salicylate (indolphenol) type total ammonia test kit (Nessler's test will give false reading)
  • Wait 48 hours between using Aqua Xtreme and other pond treatments
Each ounce treats up to 60 gallons.

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