Variable Speed Pump Controller for Anjon Monsoon™ and Flood™ Pumps (Rheostat Flow Control)

Anjon Manufacturing


The Anjon Variable Speed Controller works with asynchronous pump to control their speed electronically. Think of it as a dimmer switch for your pump. The VAC15A controller is designed to control the water usage of Anjon Monsoon™ and Flood™ Pumps, saving valuable energy by decreasing the flow while you're away from the pond!
  • Easily switch between a lively pond-side sound or a gentle babbling waterfall
  • Reduce flow rate when maximum circulation is not required at night or when travelling
  • Optimize your filtration or UV clarifier by adjusting to the perfect flow rate
  • Save money by reducing the energy consumption of your pump!
  • Adjustable range of approximately 50%-100% of normal flowrate
  • Easy to install
  • Not intended for pumps over 400 watt or for Monsoon pumps larger than the MS-6100
  • Input 120V, Max Amperage 15A

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